Dothan Cleanup

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As more people visit Dothan, the need to have a clean city has become a necessity, so the city is organizing a Cleanup Day to benefit both tourists and local residents they say deserve to live in clean areas.

This Saturday, the city of Dothan is encouraging residents to lend a helping hand to clean up neighborhoods in the area. Many parts of town are considered unacceptable when it comes to litter and excessive garbage, therefore, the city is stepping in to help.

City of Dothan Public Information Officer Cynthia Green said, "This is an opportunity to help neighbors, pick up litter and just take time to be proud of your community."

The annual fall clean up is a chance for individuals and groups to choose an area to clean up and make a difference in Dothan.

Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas said, "You do a little and every little bit helps and every bit raises the bar for the next neighborhood."

The city is mainly concerned with tires, old bicycles and cars beside homes. They say it just makes a neighborhood look unclean and they believe holding the clean- up will get the city off to a good start.

"We are asking our residents to put household non-needs by the curb; old appliance, tires, so we can haul them off for you," said Green.

The city will start picking up the trash at 6AM Saturday morning. They say they may not make it to every home Saturday, but they will pick it up quickly.

The clean-up is the start of the city seriously enforcing cleanliness in neighborhoods throughout Dothan. If residents do not take notice, city compliance officers will start issuing citations for unkempt yards, which will result in fines and court costs.

Also, the Dothan City Landfill will be open Saturday, from 7AM until noon. Therefore, local residents can drop off their unwanted items free of charge.