News 4 Exclusive- Dothan P.D. Ticket Fixing Scandal

The scandal surrounding a police union letter accusing Dothan Police Chief John Powell of ticket fixing takes another interesting turn. The man believed to have been the architect of the letter seems to have some ticket troubles of his own.

According to a seven-year old city audit, then Sergeant Duane Herring did not account for 48 tickets he issued between 1998 and 1999.

In total herring wrote 69 tickets during that period and officials say none of the voided tickets ever had an explanation for why they were voided.

Chief Powell says he is shocked that someone with a record of making tickets disappear would accuse him of ticket fixing.

Chief Powell said, “I certainly think it's kind of hypocritical on the part of Lt. Herring to be making issues out of something that he himself is guilty of doing.”

Although at the current time, officials say it is almost impossible to prove whether the 47 voided tickets were actually fixed.

They do say the quantity of voided tickets does raise questions. Officials do agree he should have been subject to disciplinary action.

After the audit, city attorney Len White recommended the police department have a uniform policy on how to handle tickets. That was done and in November of last year, Chief Powell notified all employees in writing that once written, all tickets will move through the legal system without being tampered with.