Gold Star Mother

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"and when they gaze upon the streets of heaven they will be guarded by U.S. Marines. 200 troops reported to duty and now a nation mourns, a mother cries, a father weeps." Celia Walker says these words describe so well her feelings about her sons death.

Celia lost her son, Leonard Walker, in Beirut in 1983. Now 23 years later President Bush is thanking her and mothers around the nation for their sacrifices. "I'm proud, it's not somehting I want to be a part of , butr since I didn't choose it I am proud to be a Gold Star Mom."

Celia proudly displays her gold star on her door, representing the loss of her son to war. One of Celia's close friends, Vickie Rush said she thinks the proclamation is a way to keep the memories of all the lost soldiers alive. "A lof people say it is awful for the soldiers who are killed, but what about hthose whoe have to go and especially when it's a child."

Celia says she knows her son gave his life while doing something he loved and while more than two decades have passed she says memories of him are with her everyday.

Celia Walker is interested in starting a local Gold Star Mother program for all moms and wives who have lost loved ones in any military war. If you are intersted in participating you can call her at 794-6574