Sybers Update

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A grand jury in the Florida Panhandle has cleared a special prosecutor on allegations he misled jurors to help convict a former medical examiner of murdering his wife.

The grand jury says the case of Doctor William Sybers was quote "tried aggressively" but State Attorney Harry Shorstein of Jacksonville did not engage in any wrongdoing or improprieties.

The panel was looking into allegations that Shorstein knowingly used faulty scientific evidence to convict Sybers.

Sybers was convicted of killing Kay Sybers at their Panama City Beach home in 1991 with a lethal injection of a drug commonly used to relax muscles during surgery. But the First District Court of Appeal reversed the conviction in February because the testing involved had not been properly verified.

Sybers avoided a new trial by pleading guilty to manslaughter. The former medical examiner has maintained his innocence. But he took the deal, was sentenced to time served of about two years and freed.

An attorney for Sybers says he disagrees with the grand jury's findings. Shorstein says he plans to talk about the case after reviewing the grand jury's findings.