Absentee Ballots

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Overseas military personnel who haven't applied for an absentee ballot in the Sept. 9 vote on Gov. Bob Riley's tax plan may be running out of time.

Military personnel, such as those sent to Iraq, must mail their request for an absentee ballot, then the county elections office has to mail the ballot back overseas, and finally the soldier has to mail back the ballot by the Sept. 9 deadline for the vote to count.

Relatives of Alabama Army National Guard troops stationed in Kuwait, say mail often takes 12 days to reach its destination, making an absentee ballot doubtful since only about 31 days remain before the vote.

The time frame for letters to get from Alabama to Kuwait or vice versa is about five to nine days but can be 12.

The September vote was set on June 7 when the Alabama Legislature passed the proposed constitutional amendment sought by the governor.