41st Annual Enterprise Health Fair

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Sharon Roberts is closer to her dream of becoming a nurse. She won the Enterprise Medical Center Scholarship

"I have one more semester at Enterprise. Thankfully this scholarship will go towards my summer semester,” stated Roberts, a student at Enterprise State Community College.

The $1,000 award was one of many items the Enterprise Health Fair provided. The event takes places every year and for some, it's a life-saver.

"There are a lot of people around who do not have health insurance and this is their one time a year where they come in and get their eyes checked, their hearing checked, they get their spine aligned,” explained Lisa Fenner with Enterprise Chamber of Commerce.

It’s not always easy getting the support they do, but Enterprise always pulls it off.

“Medical Center Enterprise has a wonderful working relationship with Dobbs Eye Clinic, and Hollowell Chiropractic and Avon foundation and all these people and they come out and support us every event we have,” Fenner expressed.

Many times, these free health screenings help with early detection.

Darlene of Medical Center Enterprise explained, "We also have MRI set up, the Medical Center set up a mammogram center in the back. We have blood pressure checks right here that are told 'you need to follow up on this."

"Without this program happening every year, it may be too late by the time they realize they need glasses or by the time they realize their back is not in alignment,” Fenner added.

Roberts was a kid in a candy store. By the fall, she hopes she'll be the one doing the check ups.

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