Governor Pushing Tax Reform Plan

Alabama Capital

Gov. Bob Riley's tax reform plan would be doomed to almost certain defeat if the Sept. 9 Referendum were held Wednesday. At least that's what figures from the most recent statewide poll on the issue seem to indicate.

According to a recent statewide poll, more than half of Alabama voters oppose Governor Bob Riley's $1.2 billion tax reform plan. In fact, fewer than one-third of Alabamians would vote in favor of the measure.

Senator Harri Anne Smith of Slocomb says she expected as much based on what she's heard from her constituents.

Senator Smith voted against Riley's tax bills during the special session in May and supported only the plan's accountability measure. She says she will not actively campaign against the plan but even if the proposal fails, Riley can still address opponents' concerns and come up with Plan B.

Senator Smith says the only poll that really matters will happen on Sept. 9 when Alabama voters cast their ballots.

Those same voters can expect a real media blitz from both sides between now and then.

Governor Bob Riley will be at the Dothan Civic Center Monday, Aug. 11 at 12 p.m. promoting his tax reform plan. The public is invited and lunch will be available at $10 a plate.