Sony Cutbacks

Sony Corporation announced it will cut 20,000 jobs in the next three years as part of a turnaround strategy. That's about 13-percent of it's global workforce.

Regional breakdowns were not available, but Dothan's plant manager told News 4, the business environment here is good and he doesn't expect any job losses.

Sony employs about 154,000 people worldwide and officials say 7,000 of the job cuts will be in Japan.

The Tokyo based company plans to integrate jobs that overlap and increase efficiency. They've also been reviewing their strategy to boost lagging profits.

Sony's restructuring is being called "Transformation 60th Project" because the corporation is looking to achieve a certain image by their 60th anniversary in 2006.

Through the project, the Dothan plant is focusing on how to enhance performance and profitability.

The Dothan plant is investing $8.8 million to produce new products.

So again, the local Sony business isn't expected to be part of the cutbacks.