Rainy Economy

The National Weather Service says that Mobile and Birmingham had record three-month rainfall totals in the May and July period, more than doubling their normal rainfall.

The Wiregrass has gotten more than it's fair share and while the rain has been beneficial for some, it hasn't for others.

This Summer has been lacking the two things best associated with the season, sun and long lasting heat. Clouds, rain and quickly growing grass have been the theme.

How many times this Summer have you wanted to play golf, but have been stopped from heading to the course or have been on the course and called back in because of rain and lightning in the area? The absence of golfers not only hurts an individual's game, but also the atmosphere among the fairways, greens and clubhouse.

The outdoor business has been suffering, but there is one outdoor chore that must be taken care of and quite frequently this summer, grass cutting.

This is where business is prospering, with an abundance of growing grass, lawnmowers are needed and those cutting too much have needed repairs.

The summer rain has affected everyone and most are hoping to squeeze in at least one sunny weekend before the Summer's end or maybe not.