High Speed Chase

A Dothan man has been hospitalized after trying to elude police.

The chase was caught on tape by a camera in a police patrol car.

Captain John Givens of the Dothan Police Department says officers tried to pull a car over for speeding Tuesday night, but the driver refused to stop.

The chase sped up Reeves Street until the suspect turned and was driving the wrong way on the Ross Clark Circle. The driver eventually turned into a parking lot. Police rammed the vehicle and the suspect tried to flee on foot.

29-year-old Sylvester Sikes of Dothan was arrested after a patrol car blocked him in.

Captain Givens says Sikes was driving with a suspended license and could have killed someone during the chase.

Police say Sikes slipped on wet grass and slid up under the police car that blocked him in. One of his legs was seriously burned by the car's exhaust system.

Sikes faces charges of attempting to elude police, reckless endangerment and driving under the influence.