Grand Ridge Cancer


Nearly every family in Jackson County's Shady Grove Community has been touched by cancer. Many residents believe it's the result of an old landfill and years of pesticide runoff.

Last December, Roxie Dawson was diagnosed with cancer. But, the 66-year-old worries about her grandson, Titus. Over recent years she knows of 18 neighbors contracting cancer.

JT Branch lost a brother and neighbors to cancer and he believes it's the well water. In the 1920's, large cattle vats used "deadly arsenic" to kill tick fever. And for years, a large unregulated garbage dump could be found here. He is convinced that cancer causing chemicals are in the underground water supply.

Area resident, Linda Fellows has a cattle vat buried on her property, but she received a good lab report on her water.

At this time, several Shady Grove Residents are waiting on lab results from their wells. At nearby Merritt's Mill Pond, results have shown extremely high lead and arsenic levels.