Tax Finance Report

Opponents of Gov. Riley's $1.2 billion Tax and Accountability Plan have raised almost three times as much money as supporters.

That's according to campaign finance reports filed Monday for the Sept. 9 referendum on the tax.

The Tax Accountability Coalition formed to raise money to defeat the governor's plan has raised about $1.8 million.

The group running the campaign in support of the plan, Partners for Progress, has raised about $660,000.

Much of the money raised by the organization is being used to run advertisements telling voters why they should reject or accept the plan.

More than 40-percent of the money raised by opponents of the tax hike comes from the Alabama Farmers Federation and it's Alfa Mutual Insurance Company.

Farm groups oppose the plan because of changes in the state's property taxes.

The bulk of the money raised to support the Tax and Accountability Plan came from the Campaign for Alabama, a statewide organization formed to improve education and other services in Alabama.