Smoking Or Smoke-Free

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Dothan restaurants will soon only have one option for customers when it comes to smoking, either permit it or eliminate lighting up completely.

City commissioners unanimously approved a new smoking ordinance Tuesday after several months of discussion.

Under the new law beginning December 1st, restaurant owners would be required to register their business as either a smoke-free or smoking facility.

They would also be responsible for placing signs notifying the public if smoking is permitted.

Also, restaurants with a bar will have to separate the two areas with a wall and door if smoking at the bar is allowed.

District 5 Commissioner Pat Thomas says while it will cost restaurant owners both time and money to meet the new guidelines, it will mean a healthier environment for Dothan.

The Auburn City Council voted six-to-three last night in favor of banning smoking in public places in that city. The Auburn ordinance will go into effect August 1st 2005.