Magistrate Office

Dothan Magistrate Office Relocates 200x120

After weeks of discussion, the relocation of Dothan's Magistrate Office has been determined. But, it's not where city leaders had originally proposed.

Instead of renovating the old central fire station, city officials have decided a law firm building is where the office will be placed.

In a six to one vote, city leaders agreed to move the Magistrate Office from its Saint Andrews location over to a law firm office on West Adams Street.

The decision comes after last week's recommendation that renovating the old central fire station was the city's best option for getting out of leasing office space.

Instead of paying $275,000 worth of renovations at the fire station, the city will buy the former law building for around $300,000 and avoid expensive remodeling costs.

City Manager Dennis Rubin says the decision wasn't influenced by safety concerns posed by magistrate employees over working at the fire station.

The new magistrate location is expected to open before the city's lease agreement ends next January.