Skeleton Found

Today, Dothan Police will continue their investigation into the discovery of what appears to be a human skeleton. The remains were found Monday in West Dothan.

A survey crew found the bones off Artis Court near the intersection of Whatley Drive and John D Odom Road. The Densely wooded area has been developed into an office park in just the past few years.

The workers at first thought the bones belonged to an animal until they found what was definitely a human skull. Police say the body may have been dumped years ago.

Investigators are going over the area with a fine-tooth comb, sifting through forest debris searching for clues. Most of the skeleton has been recovered and even some scraps of clothing.

Dothan Police are searching through their missing persons files, but their most recent unsolved case dates back more than ten years. Other agencies are also being contacted. Investigators are hoping dental records will identify the victim.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the Houston and Dale County Sheriff's Departments are assisting in the case.