Alabama State Travel

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Expenses for state employees traveling within Alabama dropped 16-percent in the first six months after Gov. Bob Riley trimmed reimbursement policies.

The Riley administration is testing more cost-cutting measures at three state agencies.

When traveling within Alabama, state employees get a fixed amount rather getting reimbursed for their actual meal and motel expenses. On April 1, Riley cut the per diem for an overnight trip from $75 to $50. For a two-night trip, the allowance was cut from $75 to $67. Trips lasting three nights or longer, the expense payment remains $75.

Also, Riley increased the distance that state employees must travel from 50 miles to 100 miles before an overnight stay is approved.

From April through September, the first six months under the new policy, in-state travel expenses declined to $3.22 million, or 16-percent, compared to the same six months last year.

The Riley administration is also testing a car rental project that it hopes will result in more travel savings.