Church Abuse Policy

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The Catholic Archdiocese of Mobile unveiled a new child protection policy today.

The policy is in response to several sex abuse scandals that have taken place in its churches in recent months.

The policy calls for all employees to undergo training to recognize, prevent and report sex abuse. It also lays out an aggressive procedure for reporting and addressing abuse allegations.

Archdiocese officials say the policy is a more proactive approach to dealing with child abuse. They hope it shows parishioners that they are working to address the problem.

Mobile has been hit particularly hard by sex abuse scandals.

Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb has dismissed two priests in recent months for allegations of sexual abuse dating as far back as the 1970s.

An investigation has widened to look at four other priests and a church employee at a school.

The training program is an integral part of the new policy. All archdiocese employees will have to complete the program by December.

Officials say it's a way to ensure that every employee will be familiar with the sex abuse policies.