3D Printing Comes to Dothan

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On Tuesday, Mayor Mike Schmitz and the SOZO Group will be at Wallace College Campus in Dothan for the “Rethink Manufacturing with 3D Printing” seminar.

Students in the Wiregrass will be taking learning to a whole new level thanks to some new technology donated by The Sozo Group.
It's an organization that's part of the upcoming Asian Business Summit.

The Sozo group donated a 3D printer to Wallace Community College and one to the Dothan Technology Center.

"It's going to be the new wave of drafting and engineering a lot of people are already using it they are using it in the medical field," Renee Williams, student at Wallace.

Officials hope this donation will not only benefit students, but all of the Wiregrass as well.

"I think in order for a community to thrive they need to catch up they need to understand how some of these new technologies can apply and make the business a lot more productive and a lot more effective," said Raymond Cheng, CEO of The Sozo Group.

The process to print something can take as little as 10 minutes.

"It basically takes computer aided design data and and we translate it into a file for the file we can drive various types of machines and various types of materials to create the file without an human intervention at all," said Graham Tromans, principle consultant for GP Tromans Associates.

"There are liquid metals, there are plastic there are metals there are all kinds of things but the technology is basically layer of layer of building up a project, we call it 3D printing because it looks like the product sort of raises up from the flatbed, it is like science fiction," said Cheng.

Cheng says these printers are having a huge impact on the aerospace and medical industries.

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