No Hip Hop

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A club owner in Auburn says he's had enough of young college students simulating sex on his dance floor.

Pat Grider, co-owner of The Blue Room, once a popular nightspot in Auburn, said he shut the establishment down because he was tired of provocative dancing and worried about the more intimate contact it can lead to.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Grider said the Blue Room's crowd has been getting increasingly younger since the city banned alcohol sales after 2 a.m. two years ago.

He said the change in the city law hurt business, but it was the hip hop dancing that convinced him to close: Young women in very short dresses grinding their bodies against young men, and vice versa.

The Blue Room closed last Thursday. Grider said he will not reopen until after he comes up with a new idea for a nightspot. Until then, he and his brother will concentrate on their other bar, The Highlands.