Dothan Police Bust Drug Ring From Atlanta

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A Dothan woman takes a trip to jail after police say she helped run a large scale drug operation in The Circle City.

The investigation began about a month and a half ago, when police received a tip about the sale of drugs from one Dothan home.

When officers arrived at the home on Duke Street, they confiscated close to two pounds of marijuana, and several painkillers used to treat diabetics.

All of the drugs were packaged and ready to be sold.

Sgt. Governor Jackson of the Dothan Police Department said, "Approximately maybe 900 dollars as far as the street value of the marijuana, and as for the pain pills, I have no idea at this time."

But the drugs didn't originate here in Dothan. Investigators say the drugs came from Atlanta and were being distributed from several homes here in Dothan.

And they say the operation was led by a man they have been investigating for quite some time.

"He's just a runner for the guys out of Atlanta and he's using more than just this house. He's got several other houses where he is dropping off packages to be sold for him," said Sgt. Jackson.

nvestigators say this suspect is still on the run.

But they did arrest his accomplice, Ashley Amanda Young, at the home on Duke Street.

She's charged her with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance

As for the head of this drug ring, police have one message for him. "To this young man who continues to drop off packages in our residences here in the City of Dothan; We know who you are and we're coming to get you, so look out guy because we're coming," said Sgt. Jackson.

Police have not released the name of their other main suspect, but they say they know where he is and that it is only a matter of time before they catch him.

And if you know of any kind of drug activity taking place in your neighborhood, police ask that you contact them at 334-615-3000.

They say one of the biggest weapons against illegal drug activity, is the telephone and they urge you to use it to report suspicious activity.