Dothan Business Extortion Arrest

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An area couple is under investigation after being charged with extortion of the Dothan Brace Shop.

Those involved in the investigation say some of the shop's customers could also be victims.

Investigators say the couple approached the businesses and was demanding money for information last night.

But the only thing they got was a night in jail.

According to authorities, Deana Yeager is a former employee of the Dothan Brace Shop.

She and her husband, Richard Alan Yeager, became part of a police investigation weeks ago after officers got a call about an attempted extortion.

And this case has become one that officials say is quite unusual.

Attorney for the Dothan Brace Shop Chris Maddox says, "Because Alabama is an 'at-will employment' state, there are quite a few disgruntled employees who lose their jobs. However, with that being said, I've never seen a case like the one we're talking about today."

But some say it could be more common just not often reported.

So Dothan police are warning other business to stay on alert and make sure to document any unusual behavior of a former employee.

Dothan Police Department Captain Nick Monday says, "Should this happen--you have a disgruntled employee and they make threats to the business--call us and we'll do an investigation on it."

In the case of Mr. and Mrs. Yeager, they were both booked at Dothan city jail.

But they're now out on bond

The Dothan Brace Shop has not done anything wrong in this case.

t is only their former employee who is under investigation for committing this crime against them.

Investigators are also looking into whether any of their customers were affected by the extortion.

Anyone with information should call the Dothan Police department at 615-3000.