Dothan Sales Tax Vote

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After more than an hour of debate, city commissioners voted to approve the sales tax increase.

This means shoppers will now pay nine percent sales tax when doing business in the circle city.

Earlier, we talked about how only one of five people who spoke in today's meeting actually support the increase.

Now, we'll hear feedback from those who made the vote.

Mayor Pat Thomas says the city absolutely needs additional revenue.

And raising the sales tax will make the most money while putting the least amount of burden on Dothan residents.

Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas says, "When you put fees versus sales tax, it made more sense for our citizens for a sales tax. It would impact those on fixed incomes and elderly less. That was very much part of our decision."

Another deciding factor was the fact that the amount of people who come into Dothan daily nearly doubles from the number of those who live in the city.

So it only makes sense to some commissioners for those people to help with our city's revenue.

But district one commissioner Larry Matthews and district two Commissioner Amos Newsome voted against the increase.

Commissioner Matthews says a lot of his opposition has to do with timing.

"Everything's going up and the electrical rates; we just had a fuel adjustment cost that just came about. It's just too much. Right now is just a bad time."

But according to the mayor and the other five commissioners, a revenue increase is way overdue

Shoppers can expect to see the increase go into effect on January 1.