Dothan Sales Tax Increase

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The dothan city commission voted today to increase sales tax in Dothan by 1-cent.

This means shoppers in the circle city will pay 9-cents on every dollar for their purchases.

It’s an issue commissioners and constituents alike take personally.

And it's a move that hasn't been made since 1992.

Raising the sales tax in Dothan is expected to provide needed capital improvements, help with city maintainence and provide descretionary funding.

But four people who spoke in the meeting, say this increase is not necissary.

Dothan city resident and former Mayor, Kenneth Everett says, "My question to you is why in the world would you even consider any tax increase? That's my question."

Dothan resident Glennie Wiggins says, "You're here to represent the citizens, not the desires of the commission."

But one man who says he represents some of the community's seniors--also says he and others who live on a fixed income actually support the increase.

Dothan Resident David Jamison says, "Indeed no one likes taxes. There's not one of us who wants to spend and extra penny that we don't have. But I have to assume you have looked at the fiscal records, talked to the finance director and considered any surplus and are convinced--in spite of what's there on paper--that we do need this tax increase to carry out the program of bold proposals you put forth.

By the end of the meeting, commissioners made the vote.

Only two opposed the move...district one commissioner Larry Matthews and district two commissioner Amos Newsome

A couple of the issues raised this morning include whether or not the city even needs additional revenue and whether commissioners are being too quick to approve the increase.