Consumers React to Sales Tax Increase in Dothan

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Shopping in Dothan will get a bit more expensive, now that city officials have voted to approve a one-cent sales tax increase. And many local consumers aren't too happy about it.

"When you get your check, you get so much taken out... all of those taxes. Then you got to pay extra taxes on the products that you buy... I don't think we should get into more taxes," said Angill Brown.

But the City of Dothan is getting into more taxes. In just a couple of months, anyone who shops here in Dothan will pay one more cent, on every dollar they spend.

The decision to raise the sales tax from eight to nine cent is not being well received by some people.

Parris Jackson says, "Any time they raise the sales tax, no one is going to be happy about that because right now as a consumer, we don't feel that we get enough for our money as is. But by raising the tax, it's just not the greatest thing. I'm sure they can find another way to get revenue."

Dothan city officials say they need additional money to help maintain city services and pay for capital improvement projects, and they say raising the sales tax is the best way to get that additional revenue, and not put too much of a burden on taxpayers.

Dothan’s mayor, Pat Thomas says, "When you put fees versus sales tax, it made more sense for our citizens for a sales tax. It would impact those on fixed incomes and elderly less. That was very much part of our decision."

And some people agree that this is the best way to help pay for improvements to the community.

"I believe it'll be a good thing if it goes toward the things that'll be for recreation purposes for the children and the community," said Jennifer Sanders.

The one-cent sales tax increase may not mean that much to many people who buy groceries and other small items, but for those who plan to buy a big plasma TV... the extra penny to every dollar will eventually add up.

"When it comes down to buying small items, you won't notice as much, but when you buy something like cars and big items, it'll really start to show up then," said Chris Brown.

And one thing most people do agree on is that many consumers are going to have to start budgeting better to get some of the things they're used to having.

Two Dothan commissioners voted against the sales tax increase, but the measure passed with the remaining commissioners approving.

The increase will take effect on January 1st, of next year.