Cyber Bullying

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Many school aged children are now turning to technology to fight with peers.

One local company is teaching school kids how to be responsible online and on the phone.

Technology is now becoming dangerous for some school children.

Unicel Speaker Shanterra McBride asks, “Why do we spend so much time talking about people?"

Some students in the Wiregrass are using computers and cell phones to wage wars among their peers.

Autumn Garrison, an 8th grader at Girard Middle School says, “I have a cell phone and everything, and people that I've been text messaging say they hate you and text message you and they send it to other people."

Eighth Grader Ashley Craig at Girard Middle School says, “People do say hurtful things to me, and stuff like that, but, I try not to say things to other people."

One company is targeting those cyber bullies.

Unicel officials are teaching kids in Dothan the dangers associated with saying hurtful things about people through cyberspace.

McBride explains, “That's what a lot of young people don't understand, WWW means World Wide Web. So, if it's on the Internet, it's for the world to see."

Fiedrick Jackson, another 8th grader at Girard Middle School says, “They text instead of being face to face because there's a lot of violence that goes on in the school area. Some people, when they bring knives and stuff, that's how it gets started."

But will it end?

Some kids say the Internet and text messaging is just the new way to communicate and for some, that includes bullying.

There are websites that can help you recognize and deal with cyber bullying.

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