Dothan High Speed Chase

It started as a routine traffic stop, but turned into a high speed chase, sending law enforcement officials from two different wiregrass agencies into a frenzy.

Authorities continue to look for one man believed to be involved.

The white pickup truck seen in the Dothan police dash-cam video was pulled over Friday night when police say the man behind the wheel began driving recklessly in front of Providence Christian School.

Alex Zequeira said, "The pick-up truck was stopped here in front of the school of the school. Officers approached the driver and arrested him for questioning. That's when they say a passenger jumped in the driver seat and took off."

Sgt. Deborah Devane said, "I saw him scooting over and I went to grab for him. He ended up putting it in gear with me telling him not to go off to stop, and he took off."

The chase was on. The truck sped eastbound down Murphy Hill Road until it reached Highway 231.

Alex Zequeira said, "The vehicle eventually turned on 231 northbound and then made a u-turn and came back on these southbound lanes before jumping this median and going on to oncoming traffic."

That's when the driver hit another law enforcement officer.

Chief John Powell said, "This individual struck a police officer with a vehicle intentionally, caused injury to that officer and also struck a highway patrol vehicle causing injury to that officer. Very reckless, very careless, had no consideration for anybody's safety."

The chase eventually ended on a median in front of TGI Friday's. A waitress at the restaurant recalls the frightening moments, when she saw police stop the vehicle and shootout on of it's tires.

Persephanie Freeman said, "I was really frightened because I heard gunshots, and it was right in front of the restaurant, and it's really dangerous when there's a lot of people around."

In the end police arrested the original driver, 36-year old Donny Earl Allen, and 26-year-old James Cody Taylor the one who led officers on the high speed chase, as well as a third passenger 38-year-old Ricardo Graham.

Police say that Sergeant Devane is expected to make a full recovery, but they are asking that if you have any information about the fourth suspect, please contact them at 334-615-3000.