Couple to marry at 2006 National Peanut Festival

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A year ago, Brittany Braswell and Adam Campbell met on a ski trip.

Brittany and Adam’s sister were supposed to go on the trip, but those plans changed and Campbell had to step in instead.

Love flourished and fast forward a year, Adam proposes to Brittany on the 4th of July and hadn't planned on saying 'I do' until next year.

However, those plans changed, when National Peanut officials announced an online contest for couples to be married on the midway of this year's festival.

More than 3400 votes were cast, narrowing the contest to the top 10 couples. Last Friday, a panel of media judges picked the pair, and they had to keep it a secret.

Adam says, "Family and stuff like that, we knew they could keep it a secret."

Brittany agrees. "That was real hard for my mom."

The Peanut Festival is known for its fast rides, good times, and large crowds. Now, it will be known as the all-expense paid marriage ceremony for Braswell and Campbell.

The couples’ parents don't seem to mind one bit.

Brittany says, “Our parents are ecstatic.”

Adam says, "Yes ma'am they, I think they are more ecstatic than we are."

The 2006 fair will be held November 3rd beginning at noon. Thousands will witness Braswell and Campbell proclaim their love for one another on the 4th.

Both Brittany and Adam are in the respiratory program at Wallace Community College.

They will graduate December of 2007.