The Praize Maze


A North Florida farmer has done something amazing to his cornfield this summer.

Joel McLaney planted a 10-acre cornfield, not for harvesting, but rather to help others find their faith.

McLaney cut a path through the field creating "The Praise Maze."

He began creating the maze in May. The first step, of course, was planting the corn, then when the stalks grew close to a foot tall, he carved out each path using a bushhog.

The stalks have now grown over six feet tall and the maze is ready to be explored.

Many twist and turns lead you upon different religious inspirations.

It's easy to get turned around and if you make a wrong turn, you might find yourself saying, "aw shucks."

The Praise Maze is located in Laurel Hill, Florida. It will be open on Friday and Saturday nights from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.

For information on admission prices, call 850 834-3394.