Andalusia Police New Equipment


The Andalusia Police Department has purchased more than $70,000 in new equipment.

A $36,000 piece of equipment that scans fingerprints through a computer database called a Cross-Match has been purchased. It notes existing warrants and false identities of suspects. What used to take hours, now takes just minutes.

In addition to the Cross-Match, Andalusia Police Chief Wilbur Williams purchased an Affix-Tractor. It electronically scans minute details of fingerprints within the last week. Several arrests have been made by using the new technology.

This equipment was paid through a $200,000 anti-methamphetamine grant. Andalusia was one of just 40 law enforcement agencies nationwide to receive the money.

Andalusia Police Chief Wilbur Williams, says the money from the federal meth grant will also be used in an anti-drug advertising campaign.

Covington County leads the state in meth arrests.