Goshen Agricultural Academy

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One Wiregrass school is creating an academy geared towards the future of agricultural.

Goshen High School leaders say they are building an agricultural academy, a first for any school in Alabama.

Goshen High School has been planning to build an academy for its agricultural students for nearly a decade.

Now, they say they are about to start construction. Under the program, high school juniors and seniors can study either animal science or plant science, gaining college credit.

"We're actually bringing up these kids exposed to agriculture, then to the opportunity agriculture has for them, not only if they want to go straight to the working world but if they want post-secondary school,” says Ag. Teacher Kelly Pritchett.

This academy will be the first one for Alabama.

"It's a establishment for it to be coming to Goshen and for us to be the first one to do it, it's a great time,” says student Marty Anderson.

"I think it's great because it's the first Ag Academy in Alabama and it's in Goshen so that makes me feel better,” says Ag. Student Hannah Pittman.

"We have gone around to other states and looked at those practices so we could take the best things everyone's dong and put those into practice here at Goshen High School,” explains Goshen Principal Gene Nelson.

In order to study in the Goshen Ag Academy, students must meet all application requirements, such as having a 2.5 GPA, complete pre-requisite courses, and be in good standing with the school.

The school hasn't established the college credit yet. They will have to complete a full year in the academy, then are hoping to partner with area colleges like Auburn, or Lurleen B Wallace in Andulsia.

Goshen is also planning on creating a rodeo team to go along with the academy.