Troy Gambling?

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Troy officials say they were misled when it came to granting a business license to H & H Pre-Paid Internet Services.

Officials say there is more going on with the business than just Internet use.

The building may not look like a typical business. The gray metal business has no sign showing its pre-paid Internet service, except for a small cardboard cutout, taped to the font door.

The business, H & H Internet Services was granted a business license on June 20th, under the notion it was to be an Internet cafe' for the community to use to surf the net.

Troy City Clerk Alton Starling said, “There are rumors that they're accessing the Internet for other than just email and research; games related to cherry popper machines; things like that."

Workers at H & H say they are doing nothing illegal. However, they refused to talk to News 4 on camera or give us any information about what's going on behind the doors.

When we were inside, we did notice that no one was checking their email or surfing the Internet. Plus, all computer screens showed a casino-like game.

A vendor, who would only go by the name of "Chase", says the machines are strictly for Internet use.

However, he says for every four minutes, which costs $1, the customer gets 100 sweepstakes chances to win a gift card to area businesses.

He adds, the casino-looking screen is strictly for entertainment purposes and the sweepstakes are predetermined.

Officials say this style is also used in Birmingham, where court cases are now determining its legality.

“The council and mayor have decided to deny those types of licenses until we've heard from the Supreme Court ruling on the Jefferson County case up there now," said Starling.

The vendor of H & H says he believes this business is no different than the sodas with winning bottle caps.

The business remains under investigation.