Population Growth is Northbound

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A La Bamba Mexican Restaurant, New Banks, a Coffee Shop and a Pizza Hut? Riding up 431 norths or through downtown Headland you may notice these businesses under construction.

“We have people that live in Headland who probably don't know what this square looks like because they are going to Dothan for shopping, for business for everything. But hopefully that'll change as time goes on," says Headland Chamber of Commerce President, William Snell.

For years, Headland has seen little growth.

Recently, the city of 5,000 has experienced a spike in population and businesses.

Some of the new residents are from hurricane ravaged areas; others are those who enjoy the amenities of neighboring Dothan, but not all the hustle and bustle.

City leaders say within the next five years there could be a population increase of 40 percent.

Headland Mayor Reuben Shelley says, "We’ve got eight subdivisions on the way and approximately 400 new homes. Last month alone we moved in 53 families"

However, officials still face some challenges. One of those challenges is attracting big industries to a city the size of Headland.

The other, is being able to buy out farmland.

"It’s opening up somewhat in Headland, but farm land is very valuable" says Snell.

Headland was chosen as one of three cities in the entire state to receive the Alabama Community Excellence Program Grant.