Alabama Schools

Houston County Superintendent Kenneth Lord says if Governor Riley's tax plan does not pass in the Fall, Alabama's schools will be in worse shape in 2004.

Lord met with State Scholl Superintendent Ed Richardson last Friday and says he received a dismal outlook on school funding if the tax plan fails.

Lord also says the state's rainy day fund used to help ease this year's funding problems will not be available for the following 2004-2005 school year.

Local school officials are handing something out to help spread the word about supporting Governor Riley's tax plan.

The fund for Alabama's Children and Education has created bumper stickers urging citizens to support the $1.2 billion tax plan by "Doing The Right Thing." This campaign started last Friday and will continue until voter's decide on the tax plan in the Fall.

Alabama Education Association Representative Sharon Cole says it is cruicial that voters become aware of the September 9th vote and how it will affect local schools.