Police Union Management

The latest on a letter from the International Brotherhood of Police Officers accusing Police Chief john Powell of wrongdoing.

News 4 has confirmed the writer or writers of this letter are accusing the chief of ticket fixing.

Our cameras were not allowed inside Monday night's meeting at the Golden Corral.

And after hours of going back and forth, union members left the restaurant saying they were under strict orders not to speak to the media.

"I shouldn't even be talking to the media right now, because I was told by the president that I shouldn't talk because I am under a gag order right now, so I shouldn't even be talking to the media at this time, so I'm kind of overstepping my boundaries by even giving a statement. But I can say that as of this moment I have resigned from the board,” explains Governor Jackson, of the Dothan Police Department.

Alex Zequeira. "Care to comment guys?"

Lt. Dwayne Herring, "Can't do it sorry."

Alex Zequria, "Why not sir what's in that letter?"

Lt. Duane Herring, "Confidential Union business."

The letter was sent to Alabama Attorney General, Troy King’s, office for an independent investigation.

News 4 will continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest as it becomes available.