Meth Ingredient Bust

A local convenience store owner is facing possible jail time after Houston County sheriff's deputies say they caught him trying to sell loads of pseudoephedrine pills.

Investigators say the pills say were going to be used to manufacture meth.

Authorities are calling this a significant bust, and say the amount of pills they confiscated could have produced more than 11 pounds of meth.

"We saw him throw a large number of pseudoephedrine boxes in the garbage,” explains Sheriff Lamar Glover of the Houston County Sheriff’s Office.

Enough boxes to hold more than 9,000 of pseudoepedrine.

After conducting a three-week long investigation, authorities arrested 51-year- old Mohammed Rafiq Husain, when they caught him trying to get rid of the evidence, in a dumpster outside the BP gas station he owns, on Selma Street.

"We retrieved those and then arrested him for the precursor chemicals,” add Glover.

According to sheriff's deputies Husain planned to sell the pseudoephedrine pills to another person in Dothan.

"He intended to deliver the pills to an individual for four-thousand dollars,” Glover says.

But when used to make meth, investigators say the drugs would have been worth a whole lot more.

"That would equal out to about half a million dollars worth of street value, of methamphetamine,” Glover explains.

Husain is now charged with a Class C felony and could face up to 10 years behind bars. Husain did bond out of jail, no word yet on when he will appear in court.

Sheriff Glover says they continue to follow leads to try and find the person who was trying to buy these pre-cursor chemicals.