Arson Investigation Underway in Enterprise

Some Enterprise residents say they live in constant fear. In the last six-months, one home on Windham Drive has been destroyed by fire and there have been two attempted arsons in the same neighborhood.

Several weeks-ago, Joanne Jordan woke up to find the side of her Windham Drive house burned.

A few months earlier, her elderly neighbor's home was gutted by fire. For Mrs. Jordan, it's just a bit too coincidental. She hasn't been sleeping well.

"I had to put up a security light. It is lit up like daytime at night around here and we look out for one another," says Jordan.

Across the street, a neighbor who prefers to remain anonymous also found the back of her house burned in an apparent arson attempt.

Windham Drive residents are also keeping an eye out for their neighbors.

Enterprise Police say there has been no determination on what may have occurred.

The matter is still under investigation.