Canadian Drug Stores

This week, the Florida Board of Pharmacy announced a $750,000 ad campaign to warn Floridians about the dangers of ordering low-cost prescription drugs from Canada.

A company that sells Canadian drugs recently opened stores in Panama City and Fort Walton Beach.

Dawn Aycock is the manager of both American Drug Club Stores.

She says her business has been such a success in Northwest Florida, she's looking into opening a store in Dothan.

Her business is the middle man between the customer and a pharmacy in Winnipeg, Canada.

She faxes the prescription to the Canadian drug store and they in turn mail the medication to the patient.

In Canada, the government limits the percentage of profit a pharmaceutical company can make, there's no such controls in the United States.

Aycock says she's not competing against local pharmacies, her customers usually order medications for chronic medical conditions.

Recently, the U.S. Senate voted to allow drugs to be imported from Canada, but the Food and Drug Administration may fight that move.