WCC English Second Language Program

The number of students enrolling in English as a second language classes in the wiregrass is steadily on the rise.

Wallace Community College has been offering the ESL classes for 10 years and has served about 1,000 people just this past year.

Their number of enrollment is getting higher.

"We have seen the number of Hispanics in our program increase from three percent to 11 percent of our students, so it's a pretty big increase in five years and we think it's directly tied to the increase in the Hispanic population in the community," said Lynn Ivey of WCC, Adult Education Director.

There are two community workshops coming up this month that are taught in Spanish. The first is September 16 and teaches adults the basics in handling emergencies. The “building wealth" workshop is September 23 and features financial management.

Each workshop is from 1:30 to 4 o'clock.