Headland Meth Lab

A Dothan man was arrested Thursday in connection with a $1 million illegal drug lab.

Later in the day, his father was arrested and charged himself. Sixty-eight-year-old Dyan Tucker is accused of manufacturing and trafficking methamphetamine.

Earlier in the day, his son, 44-year-old Steve Tucker was cooking up methamphetamine in his father's home in Headland.

Tucker has been jailed on possession, manufacturing and trafficking charges.

Investigators and a SWAT team raided an apartment on East Main Court in Headland around noon Thursday.

They recovered some of the chemicals used to make meth as well as some of the finished product when they arrested Tucker.

A follow-up investigation of Tucker's residence off Cottonwood Road in Dothan turned up some 20 gallons of meth oil, one of the steps in the manufacturing process.

Tucker and his father are both being held in the Henry County Jail.