Wiregrass Honor Flight Recognizes WWII Vets

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They risked their lives 67 years ago and some even paid the ultimate price.

And now, a program is creating a way to honor our World War II veterans.

Jim McGhee of the Wiregrass Honor Flight Hub says, "These guys are our hero's they have done things they have seen things people like you and I would never know, but they are our heroes, they fought for our freedom and we want to do something in return for them."

Through Wiregrass Honor Flight Hub, veterans will be flown to Washington D.C. to see their memorial and many others, at no cost to them.

McGhee says, "The veterans pay nothing, they have paid enough, we will not even accept a donation from a veteran."

Approximately 100 veterans and guardians will be taking the May 9th trip.

Even though the date is months away, a lot of planning and funding is still needed.

McGhee says, “We need about $65,000 the city of Dothan has already given us ten, and a few other cities we've got about $25,000 right now maybe a little bit more.”

Edward Pitchard is a Vietnam veteran and says trips like these are a way to show those who fought for our freedom are never forgotten.

And to make sure of that, the VFW in Dothan is helping with expenses.

Pitchard says, "The members have already approved and we pledged $2000 towards the effort."

While thousands of dollars are still needed, those with Honor Flight say people across the Wiregrass have been very willing to do what they can to honor these veterans.

Ozark, Enterprise, Dothan and Eufaula are contributing to the program.

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