Anniston Incineration

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A story in today's Anniston Star says Gov. Bob Riley does not plan to further delay the start of the incineration of Anniston's chemical weapons stockpile. The article said two Anniston area officials met with the governor yesterday.

Riley told Anniston Mayor Chip Howell and Anniston Senator Del Marsh that he will not delay the burning of the weapons if the Army can assure him that two safety concerns have been met.

Riley told the two officials that he wants the Army to finish making improvements to its notification system and that extra assistance be provided for residents with special needs.

Howell said Riley's concerns are being addressed.

Last week, the Army gave Congress the mandatory 30-day notice before it can start burning. That doesn't mean the incinerator will start within a month.

The governor has the final say on its start-up, and based on his statements to local leaders, the start date appears to depend on when he is assured that his final concerns have been resolved.