Fuel Spill

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That diesel fuel spilled from a freighter over the weekend is threatening a $1.7 million habitat restoration project along the shore of Pensacola Bay.

Work continues to clean about 2,000 gallons of diesel spilled from the Bahamas-flagged Alchiba at Pensacola's port over the weekend. Crews hired by V- Ships, which manages the 499-foot vessel, are handling the cleanup.

Containment booms have kept much of the fuel out of the open bay. But some has reached the Project Greenshores restoration area within a mile of the port. A Florida Department of Environmental Protection spokesman says "the wind and current couldn't have been worse."

Greenshores is funded by grant money and corporate sponsors. It's an attempt to restore acres of salt marshes, oyster beds and other natural habitat. About 50,000 seagrass plants and 16 tons of oysters, which filter the water, have been planted in shallow water along the shore.