Houston County Courthouse

Houston County officials are busy trying to finish renovating their courthouse after firing the company in charge of the project.

Clark Construction Company was sent packing earlier this month, a year-and-a-half after the job was supposed to be completed.

However, the work may take a little longer than expected.

Houston County officials are working with architects and a bonding company to wrap up work on the courthouse renovation project. Inspectors are monitoring the progress of the work and looking to see if anything else needs to be done.

Most of the work is relatively minor, installing new plumbing fixtures and cleaning up spots of paint. But County Commission Chairman Mark Culver says some safety problems still have to be corrected before the building can legally be occupied.

Court officials have been operating out of temporary facilities for more than two years now and they want to start moving back into the courthouse next week. But Culver says it may be next month before the building is ready.

Court officials will have to inventory most of the furniture left in the courthouse to determine what can be used and what will be junked.

State officials from Montgomery are supposed to come to Dothan and begin that process next week.

The courthouse telephone system is supposed to be switched from the temporary annex over to the new building on June 27.