Kinsey Water System

The town of Kinsey is making changes in a very big way. Officials are constructing with nearly a half million dollars to change Kinsey water system.

Kinsey resident Bill Tatum lives on a private road on the outskirts of town and gets his water from wells.

However soon, Tatum will have the option to be attached to an extended water system that feeds out of neighboring cities Dothan, Webb, and Headland and feeds into the Skeeto Road and Blackberry Hill areas of Kinsey.

“I don't have much water pressure, and I don't know if the water will be cleaner or what, but I'm looking forward to it," said Tatum

The new water system will affect 77 households, that's about 400 to 500 people.

Officials say of the many benefits that come with having a pipe system like one is fighting fires.

"Right at this time we're putting in approximately 15 additional fire hydrants to get each resident within a thousand feet of a fire hydrant," said Mayor Jason Reneau of Town of Kinsey.

It takes about $4,000 to have a well installed, and an additional $1,000 for upkeep.

That's compared to $11 a month water fee with the public pipes.

If a bad storm hits, like in the cases of Opal or Ivan, residents are left without power, and have only what's left of contaminated well water.

"We've had a need for it for years. It's a matter of getting the funding and we were able to get the money through CDBG money, which like I mentioned is low-to-moderate income," said Mayor Reneau.

The total price tag for the installation of the project is four hundred and 10 thousand dollars and it should be complete within the next five months.

Residents who don't meet requirements and live in areas where the pipe lines are being built, may tap into the system free of charge.