Ant Bed Abuse

A Cottonwood man is accused of holding his estranged wife down in an ant bed. His charges are a misdemeanor. However, police could upgrade them to a felony.

“I gotta leave my home because of him, and I don't like that, he can be very dangerous,” said Joyce.

News 4 has chosen not to use her real name. But Joyce arrived home from work last Friday evening, when her estranged husband, 34-year-old Cottonwood resident Lorenzo Fluellen Martin approached her.

She says he started verbally abusing her.

"I said, well I'm not gonna listen to this and I get in my vehicle to leave. He grabbed me by my throat with both hands threw me to the ground and started to suffocate me I was laying in an ant bed."

Joyce was unable to scream for help and began to black out.

Now she's left with scratches on her face, bruises all over her body and more than 100 ant bites on her leg.

An unidentified woman dialed 911 and cottonwood police arrived.

Though martin has only been charged with misdemeanors. Those charges may be upgraded.

"This is an unusual case. I hope we'll be able to get a felony domestic violence out of this. Had it taken place inside the house, we'd easily get a felony burglary," said Chief Jim Smith of Cottonwood Police Department

Meanwhile, Joyce who'd married martin 5 years ago says a year ago things drastically changed.

She'd filed for divorce and she says he began harassing her but this is the first he'd become physical.

She hopes this is the last so she's seeking to press charges.

Martin escaped and later turned himself in but he is out on bond.

Meanwhile, cottonwood police are looking for the person who called 911 to ask them a few questions about the incident.