Chancellor Shooting Update

An elderly Geneva County woman who claims she shot an intruder has become a hero nationwide after appearing on the WTVY website.

Two weeks ago Catherine Tate heard the burglar alarm indicating there was someone trying to break into her bait shop adjacent to her Chancellor community home.

The third attempted burglary of the business proved not to be the charm for the suspect.

The elderly, one-armed woman claims she shot the unidentified man with her 38-caliber handgun.

Since then, she has received hundreds of sympathetic e-mails from across the nation.

"What am I supposed to do, open the doors and say, ‘you all come and get it?’ I have always tried to help people. If they are hungry, I will feed them. If they need gas to see the doctor, I’ll go get them some," said Catherine Tate, Chancellor resident.

Although Mrs. Tate claims she shot the suspect, authorities say they have not located him.