Water World Closing for Summer

Water World is closing its gates until next season, and many residents of the Wiregrass took advantage of the last big weekend.

Water World officials are saying this year is looking great.

The lack of hurricanes and great weather has really brought the crowds in this season, and even though more people are entering through the gates of Water World, safety has continued to be a priority.

"This summer we have had great attendance and our financial income has been very good," said General Manager Robin Patrick of Water World.

Park officials say the income helps them stay well staffed and keep safety at the forefront of all employees’ minds.

Water World managers say the high safety regulations are part of why parents feel safe taking their children to the park.

Many famines visited the park for Labor Day as a chance for both children and adults to relax and have a good time.

"We knew this was the last day and the kids love it, so we just got up and decided to come today," said Amy Shiver.

Water World always drops in attendance when school starts back, so the park closes each year after the Labor Day weekend. Park officials say they are already looking forward to next year and only hope for the high attendance trend to continue.

The general manager of Water World says she is trying to add a few new attractions to Water World in the coming years, and is just waiting on the financial backing.