Friday Night Football Increased Security

School systems across the country are cracking down on security at football games in light of recent events with violence and terrorism.

For weeks, school officials and authorities across the country have been planning the next step in safety at football games.

Most systems are increasing security measures, banning liquids and backpacks from entering stadiums, while others are opting for simply searching bags at the gates, but here in the wiregrass it seems security increases will not even make it that far.

Sgt. Buren Wambles said, "We're not in the mode of checking book bags or purses, but if it's suspicious looking, yes, we will check it."

But as for major changes, officials say spectators at most wiregrass games will probably not notice a difference.

Most local school systems are adding more on-duty officers at games, but Dothan SROs say student safety is also the parent's responsibility.

Officer Jason Neal said, “We have two school resource officers that work in the student section, and what we want to stress to the parents is your kids are safe at the ballgame, but we also need adult supervision. Check on your kid frequently."

Officers say the basic rule of thumb is to have fun when you come out and support your favorite team, but remember that it's a school sponsored event, and be mindful of the rules.

The biggest concern for officers in the wiregrass is at the end of the game when kids are leaving, because while the students are monitored at the game, it's the parents’ responsibility to get their kids home safe.