Marine Police Urge Boating Safety During Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is a time when boaters take to the water to celebrate the end of summer. Marine police will be out in full force to make sure boaters are safe and adhere to water safety rules.

"We expect a typical Labor Day. Everyone wants to get that last little bit of boating in," said Tommy Haynes of AL Marine Police.

Businesses surrounding the lake have brought in extra merchandise in preparation for the big Labor Day weekend.

The owner of Baker’s Landing, John Baker, said, "I think a big turnout. Water level is up and it looks like a perfect weekend to come out to the lake."

Marine police say lifejackets are important for every passenger on board, especially those who can't swim. While this sounds like common sense, the majority of police responses involve individuals who have simply fallen over board and aren't experienced swimmers.

"Most fatalities are classified as falls overboard and if you wear a life jacket there is change of surviving increases drastically," said Haynes.

Additional officers will be assigned to patrol the state's waterways looking for any boaters or passengers violating boating laws and regulations this Labor Day weekend.

Marine police say they will write citations for any boaters under eight years old who is not wearing a lifejacket.