Alabama Partnership for Progress

However, a newly formed group says there are a lot of misconceptions about the governor's tax plan. The major one, they say, is that everyone will be paying more taxes.

The Alabama Partnership for Progress is made up of about 45 organizations from across the state.

The group plans to spend the next two months sharing details of the governor's tax plan. Leaders in the group say they'll also be fighting against groups like the Tax Accountability Coalition who they claim are helping create misconceptions.

One of those claims is that the governor's plan will cost Alabama 25,000 jobs and millions lost in capital investments.

Partnership for Progress says they'll also be fighting against misconceptions about how much taxes will go up.

One spokesperson says about 70 percent of Alabamians will actually pay less while others will be asked to pay their fair share.

For more information on the Partnership for Progress Organization, you can log on to or call 334-263-6544.